Connect intelligences, the human and artificial for a convergence of collective rural and urban wisdom, to collect and disseminate messages in their dialects. Collect data, process information, manages knowledge, and preserves wisdom efficiently, utilizing the best available technology A dynamic process MUST have real-time information “as it happens”!


The founding team of iKOnet boasts its vast experience of over 3 decades in development and corporate sector. The team is supported by an experienced group of sector experts with a strong background in science, technology, finance and law to deliver information and local insight on sustainable development. The core strength of iKOnet is to walk the extra miles, sometimes for days in hills (North East India, Bhutan, and Nepal), deserts (Rajasthan), jungles (Central India), islands (Maldives), and mangroves (Sunderbans). Beating the sun, rain, flood, snow, insurgency it delivers on time.


Every member of the iKOnet network is self-motivated, dedicated and passionate, delivering the best as each member is a stakeholder of the local sustainable development ecosystem it represents. The success of each iKOnet network members decides the sustenance of the company.

Projects Undertaken

• Environment and land • Infrastructure • Market • Multi sector • Rural telecom • Syndicated development poll • Urban development • Education • Sanitation & Health • Agriculture


iKOnet was setup in 2006 by a set of professionals experienced in development research, decentralized planning and livelihood development.

iKOnet brings chowkis to workstations; choupals to convention-centres, haats to malls, nearer, linking the rural and urban, fastest, using latest technology for voice, video data collection using web, GPS mobile app, telephone, SMS..

iKOnet collects opinions, views, messages live, face to face in their own dialect! Surveying the “seen”, “heard” and “said”, connects grassroots “unofficial minds” with the “official documents”, pushing the bottom of the pyramid closer to the top. It connects intelligences, the human and the artificial, digitally for all (UNICEF, DFID, World Bank, WHO, ILO, large corporate houses, municipalities, international NGOs, gram panchayats)

A convergence of collective wisdom!

iKOnet is a social and development research and consulting company, linking in the Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability planners and implementers with the hands needing them the most.

It connects the rural and urban, fastest, using only the latest time tested technology for voice, video data collection using web, GPS mobile app, telephone, SMS. Intelligence connected, always!

It undertakes evidence based need assessments to develop appropriate local strategies, program design, monitoring and evaluation and its impact assessment. With the enthusiasm of the young iKOnet team guided by the wisdom of the experienced experts, supported by global network partner covering over 160 countries, and with a reach of most Asian nations, iKOnet provides a unique blend of service. iKOnet is the local human intelligence network with a global reach!

That We Do

    • CAPI application: Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) application run on Smart Phone is developed for offline or online data collection. The data is automatically synchronized with a central server through internet. The CAPI applications used .....

    • ANALYSIS-Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data analysis has multiple facets .....


iKOnet’s district coordinators reach over 50% districts in India every year! Since 2006, iKOnet team has surveyed ALL the districts of India and other SAARC countries, many times over. It can reach any doorstep in the SAARC region within a few hours, streaming live information directly to your computer.

The local district coordinators of iKOnet collects opinions, views, messages live, face to face in their own dialect! Surveying the “seen”, “heard” and “said”, connects grassroots “unofficial minds” with the “official documents”, pushing the bottom of the pyramid closer to the top.

It connects intelligences, the human and the artificial, digitally for the BIG (development agencies, banks, governments, international NGOs, large corporate houses) and the LOCAL (municipalities, slums, blocks, gram panchayats, villages and hamlets)!

The local iKOnet field-monitoring network, a relationship nurtured over decades, has evolved over time and re-invented itself to embrace the latest and best. The iKOnet network speaking the local dialect, respecting the local ethics, is ever ready with the most appropriate technology – hardware and software platform to assist the Development and Sustainability planners and implementers.



• iKOnetexpertises in research, which are paperless surveys on Quantitative, Qualitative, Participatory planning, Secondary data review, Asset verification, Land use pattern, GPS tracking, Audio/ video documentation, etc.Computer Aided Personal / Telephone / Web Interview (CAPI/ CATI/ CAWI).

• IKOnetexpertises on researches on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Land & Environment, Agriculture & Forestry, Livelihood & Local Economy, Public Health & Nutrition, Education & Training, Housing & Infrastructure, Public Finance, Financial Inclusion, and Equality & Human Rights.

• 9 Country Field-Network Speaking All Languages for surveys in the Sub-continent – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

• On-line Project / Field Quality Control of the field teams using web based GPS tools for real-time monitoring in field and dedicated servers in control centre.

• Methodology Skilled Field Force in Qualitative, quantitative & participatory research for market/ development studies & asset verification for Face to Face, telephone & internet surveys.

• Multi-tasking logistics managers translating & back translating capability of over 20 languages, logistic, operations, daily reporting supporting the field network.

• In-house Design Team for secondary information, sampling & design of input formats / questionnaires using Survey CTO, Dooblo STG, Voxco, Survey Monkey.

• Live Data Processing Team assesses real-time data on the dedicated servers using SPSS, XLStat (Quantitative), Cognizer (Qualitative) software meeting stringent quality control protocol & time schedules.

• IT Savvy Reporting Team proficient in advanced statistical techniques, charting and mapping using GIS software MapInfo, Dash-board tool Zoho, web site publishing and maintenance ( and content provision.

• Multi-disciplinary professional senior consultants’ panel across the sub-continent for supporting specific project requirements.



LIME is a two-way system for collecting data, instant uploading on the server and live interaction and sharing of information.

LIME salient features.

Instant Tracking: Use the basic way to track the beneficiaries with the help of field supervisors. Use baseline to track person wise data through smart phones.

Data Validation: (Auto record the correct data and sync the system time with the server time) Auto recording data and time validated as per system time, synced with server time.

Support Language: Interact with partner/ field staff through personal phone/computer memory clipboard in local language or English.

Remote Access: Access information in remote areas about installation, training, conference, maintenance, auto update and assistance through device sharing.

LIME Real-Time Inputs.

In LIME you can input various type of information like the physical data, financial data, photo/video documentation, audio clip/discussions, signature/barcode, GPS coordinates. These information can reach to the project manager, implementing partner, field worker, beneficiary as it happens.

LIME Deliverables (Outputs).

LIME Feedback: Record feedback and suggestions of beneficiaries on personal mobile/computer. With partner or on field level through personal clipboard.

LIME Interactive Chart: Share password, interactive graphs/charts/reports of findings on dashboard.

LIME Encrypted Diary: Maintain daily field level diary of Beneficiary Wise Data on online and offline mode to avoid duplication of work and update data base directly.

LIME Dashboard: access to web based dashboard which can be password protected, personal clipboard Access to web based password protected dashboards, and design your own output with in house expert assistance.

LIME Alert and Instant Support: Users will receive a Web SMS alert for timely input of data, which will save time and cost. Web SMS alert for timely input from users to reduce on follow up on phones, saving time and cost.

Can upload data automatically from a remote location through device sharing. This will save travel cost and time. Auto data updation and assistance through device sharing from a remote location ensuring instant support and save on travel cost and time.

LIME Social Network: Sharing information on social networking sites like Facebook and Whatsapp.

LIME Training: Online training and conference with users anytime and anywhere through PC/ smart phone sharing.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) regulated under Sec 135 of the Company Act is a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. The Companies Act, 2013 mandate companies of a particular size to invest 2% of their Net Profit in CSR Activities.

Over the past 2 years, iKOnet has visited more than 200 villages and urban wards for CSR related planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation and knowledge management related activities across the length and breadth of India. The services offered are:

CSR Planning & Feasibility

Goal, Objective Setting for Board of Director: In line with Company Mission, Vision & area of operationPerspective Planning: Area profiling, baseline survey, gap analysis, target setting Sector Synchronization: Own, government program & other CSR initiatives, target group selection Budget Setting: Training, manpower, material, monitoring, dissemination & workshop.